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Transform Windows Vista into Mac OS X Leopard


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If you're a Windows Vista user, you now have a new way to enjoy their computer, with a tool that allows you to personalize the appearance of that operating system.

This tool allows you to transform your Windows interface not into a Linux distribution, but rather into the latest OS from Apple: Mac OS X Leopard.

These changes don't just affect your windows and desktop look; they also modify your start screen, welcome screen, PC properties, icons, etc.

Desktop backgrounds, screen savers, cursors, and sounds are made identical to those found in Leopard. The Spaces function is also available, but is still in beta.

Don't forget: before applying the theme, we highly recommend that you make backup copies of the important files you have saved on your hard drive.

For Windows Vista 32 bits. You should deactivate UAC in order to install the theme. Click here to learn how.

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